Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Plea to Superdelegates: Change your support from dishonest Hillary to Bernie Sanders

Dear Democratic Party Superdelegates,

I'm writing to express my deep dismay at your willingness to support a candidate who argues against policies that a majority of Americans want; who is a major war hawk; who is closely tied to Wall Street and Big Money interests over the average American; who is secretive (she still flat out refuses to tell us what she said behind our backs to the financial industry, as if we don't have a right to know, regardless what her opponent's tax returns look like) and widely seen as untrustworthy; and who today proved it when it was revealed she kept secret the true results in the Colorado Primary at the expense of the people who voted for her opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Hillary Clinton knew that the Colorado Democratic Party kept secret since March 1 the fact that they misreported the results from 10 precinct locations and the true results gave Senator Sanders an additional delegate. "The error — first uncovered by The Denver Post — was shared with rival Hillary Clinton's campaign by party officials but kept from Sanders until the Post told his staff Monday night," according to Post.

You need to understand that we, the people, see this as just one more piece of damning evidence that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and untrustworthy and that the Party — and those of you who prop her up — are equally corrupt and untrustworthy.

It's time now for you to show us that you care more about what's right for the American people than you do Party Politics and your own personal gain. We know the Clintons have a "Hit List" and that if you defy her they will put you on it. But if you stand with us, we will protect you, you have our word.

Stand with us against fracking; job-destroying trade deals; more interventionist wars of aggression; and for a fair and reasonable federal minimum wage of $15 an hour; universal Medicare for All; tuition-free public university education for all eligible students; breaking up the too-big-to-fail banks; allowing the government (us) to negotiate fair drug prices; undoing the devastating marijuana laws that have imprisoned far too many people, especially those of color; and protecting Social Security.

These are all core Democratic principles that a majority of Americans — on both sides of the aisle, actually — support, and Hillary is on the wrong side of. Why do you want to be associated with doing everything that's wrong for the American people (not to mention those abroad whose lives she will continue to put at risk) by supporting her? What has become of your soul? This isn't a game and the outcome could have devastating consequences for millions of people worldwide. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Honduras. Where next?

We need a leader we can trust to be honest and up front with us, even if the truth hurts. The world needs a leader they can trust even more, and that person is demonstrably not Hillary Clinton. She proved that yet again by keeping secret from us for the past six weeks election results that weren't in her favor. And she would have continued to do so forever had the Post not exposed her.

Please rescind your support for Hillary, who cannot be trusted, and pledge your support to Bernie Sanders, who can be.

Thank you.