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Bernie Supporters Running For Office

These lists originate at Sanders Democrats on Google Docs as prepared by Expats for Sanders. I have recreated them here only because some people have told me they are unable to share or view the Google document. I thank the Expats for Sanders for their work on this important document and in this critical campaign. Please Like and Follow them on Facebook and on Twitter. I take no credit for creating or maintaining this list.

Federal-level candidates

State Name Level Office District Status Sanders Dem Profile Notes
Alabama Jesse Smith Federal House 3 Candidate
Arizona Lennie Clark Federal Senate AZ Candidate *Running against John McCain
Arizona Raúl Grijalva Federal House 3 Serving
California Preston Picus Federal House 12 Candidate *Progressive Independent
California Steve Stokes Federal Senate CA Candidate
Connecticut Stephanie Piddock Federal House 5 Candidate *Green Party
Florida Alina Valdes Federal House 25 Candidate
Florida Sean Guthrie Federal Senate FL Candidate
Florida Tim Canova Federal House 23 Candidate *Running against Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Illinois Marcus Lewis Federal House 2 Candidate
Iowa Gary Kroeger Federal House 1 Candidate
Iowa Tom Fiegen Federal Senate IA Candidate
Kentucky Geoff Young Federal House 6 Candidate
Maryland Terence Strait Federal House 4 Candidate
Minnesota Keith Ellison Federal House 5 Serving
Nevada Alex Singer Federal House 3 Candidate
Nevada Lucy Flores Federal House 4 Candidate
New Hampshire Shawn O'Connor Federal House 1 Candidate
New Jersey Alex Law Federal House 1 Candidate
New Jersey Eloy Delgado Federal House 8 Candidate
New Jersey Peter Jacob Federal House 7 Candidate
New York Bill Perkins Federal House 13 Candidate *Currently in New York Senate
New York Eric Kinson Federal House 24 Candidate
New York Zephyr Teachout Federal House 19 Candidate
New York Diana Hird Federal House 18 Candidate
North Carolina John McNeil Federal House 13 Candidate
North Dakota Cory McGarvey Federal House ND Candidate
Ohio Janet Garrett Federal House 4 Candidate
Ohio Keith Mundy Federal House 16 Candidate
Ohio Kelli Prather Federal Senate OH Candidate
Oklahoma Tom Guild Federal House 5 Candidate
Oregon Kevin Stine Federal Senate OR Candidate
Pennsylvania John Fetterman Federal Senate PA Candidate *Currently Mayor of Braddock, PA
Pennsylvania Kerith Strano Taylor Federal House 5 Candidate
South Carolina Dimitri Cherny Federal House 1 Candidate *Running against Mark Sanford
Texas Tom Wakely Federal House 21 Candidate
Virginia Bill Bunch Federal House 9 Candidate
Washington Angela Marx Federal House 3 Candidate
West Virginia Mike Manypenny Federal House 1 Candidate
Wisconsin Tom Breu Federal House 1 Candidate *Running against Paul Ryan

State-level candidates

State Name Level Office District Status Sanders Dem Profile Notes
Maryland Heather Mizeur N/A N/A Future Candidate
Arizona Juan Mendez State House 26 Serving
Arizona Mark Cardenas State House 19 Serving
Arizona Martin Quezada State Senate 29 Serving
Colorado Elet Valentine State House 7 Candidate
Colorado Jeff Hart State House 6 Candidate
Colorado Jon Biggerstaff State Senate 33 Candidate *Independent
Connecticut Gary Winfield State Senate 10 Serving *Assistant Majority Leader
Connecticut Peter Tercyak State House 26 Serving
Connecticut Robyn Porter State House 94 Serving
Connecticut Ed Vargas State House 6 Serving
Florida David Kearns State House 53 Candidate
Hawaii Russell Ruderman State Senate 2 Serving
Illinois Will Guzzardi State House 39 Candidate
Kansas Gail Finney State House 84 Serving
Maine Matthew Dunlap State SOS ME Serving
Maine Troy Jackson State Senate 35 Serving
Maine Jeff McCabe State Senate 3 Candidate *Currently the Maine House Majority Leader
Maine Geoff Gratwick State Senate 9 Serving
Maine Robert Alley State House 138 Serving
Maine John Patrick State Senate 18 Serving
Maine Dave Miramant State Senate 12 Serving
Maine Ralph Chapman State House 133 Serving *Independent
Maine James Campbell State House 138 Serving *Independent/Former Republican
Maine Lydia Blume State House 3 Serving
Maine Roberta Beavers State House 2 Serving
Maine Heidi Brooks State House 61 Serving
Maine James Campbell State House 21 Serving *Independent
Maine Benjamin Chipman State House 40 Serving *Originally Independent
Maine Michael Devin State House 90 Serving
Maine Mark Dion State House 43 Serving
Maine Donna Doore State House 85 Serving
Maine Michelle Dunphy State House 122 Serving
Maine Jeffrey Evangelos State House 91 Serving *Independent
Maine Richard Farnsworth State House 37 Serving
Maine Paul Gilbert State House 74 Serving
Maine Adam Goode State House 127 Serving
Maine Scott Hamann State House 32 Serving
Maine Denise Harlow State House 36 Serving
Maine George Hogan State House 13 Serving
Maine Brian Hubbell State House 135 Serving
Maine Michel Lajoie State House 58 Serving
Maine Gina Melaragno State House 62 Serving
Maine Kimberly Monaghan State House 30 Serving
Maine Christine Powers State House 68 Serving
Maine Diane Russell State House 39 Serving
Maine Deane Rykerson State House 1 Serving
Maine Robert Saucier State House 147 Serving
Maine Stanley Short State House 106 Serving *Switched from D to I, and then Rejoined Ds
Maine Stephen Stanley State House 143 Serving
Maine Peter Stuckey State House 42 Serving
Maine Ryan Tipping-Spitz State House 123 Serving
Massachusetts Jamie Eldridge State Senate Mid/Wor Serving
Massachusetts Pat Jehlen State Senate Mid 2 Serving
Minnesota Karen Clark State House 62A Serving/Re-Election
Minnesota Shawn Olson State Senate 8 Candidate
Missouri Winston Apple State Lt. Governor MO Candidate
Montana Amanda Curtis State House HD 74 Candidate
Nevada Richard Segerblom State Senate 3 Serving
New Hampshire Andrew White State House 13 Serving
New Hampshire Andy Schmidt State House 1 Serving
New Hampshire Geoffrey Hirsch State House 6 Serving
New Hampshire George Sykes State House 13 Serving
New Hampshire Gilman Shattuck State House 1 Serving
New Hampshire Jane Beaulieu State House 45 Serving
New Hampshire Lee Oxenham State House 1 Serving
New Hampshire Marcia Moody State House 17 Serving
New Hampshire Patrick Long State House 10 Serving
New Hampshire Peter Bixby State House 17 Serving
New Hampshire Richard McNamara State House 38 Serving
New Hampshire Robert Renny Cushing State House 21 Serving
New Hampshire Robert Theberge State House 3 Serving
New Hampshire Tim Smith State House 17 Serving
New Hampshire Travis Bennett State House 8 Serving
New Hampshire Wayne Burton State House 6 Serving
New Jersey John Wisniewski State House 19 Serving
New York James Sanders Jr. State Senate 10 Serving
Ohio Michael Skindell State Senate 23 Serving
Ohio David Sparks State House 43 Candidate
South Carolina Justin Bamberg State House 90 Serving *Switched from HRC **Lawyer for Walter Scott's family
South Carolina Robert Williams State House 62 Serving
South Carolina Terry Alexander State House 59 Serving
South Carolina Wendell Gilliard State House 111 Serving
South Carolina Joe Neal State House 70 Serving
South Dakota Ellee Spawn State House 13 Candidate
Vermont Amy Sheldon State House ADD-1 Serving
Vermont Anthony Pollina State House WAS Serving
Vermont Avram Patt State House LAM-WAS Serving
Vermont Bill Frank State House CHI-3 Serving
Vermont Christopher Pearson State House CHI-6-4 Serving
Vermont David Sharpe State House ADD-4 Serving
Vermont David Zuckerman State Senate CHI Serving
Vermont Diana Gonzalez State House CHI-6-7 Serving
Vermont Helen Head State House CHI-7-3 Serving
Vermont James McCullough State House CHI-2 Serving
Vermont Jean O'Sullivan State House CHI-6-2 Serving
Vermont Joseph Troiano State House CAL-2 Serving
Vermont Linda Martin State House LAM-2 Serving
Vermont Maida Townsend State House CHI-7-4 Serving
Vermont Marjorie Ryerson State House ORA-WAS-ADD Serving
Vermont Mark Woodward State House LAM-2 Serving
Vermont Mary Hooper State House WAS-4 Serving
Vermont Mary Sullivan State House CHI-6-5 Serving
Vermont Matt Dunne State Governor VT Candidate
Vermont Michael Yantachka State House CHI-4-1 Serving
Vermont Mollie Burke State House 2-2 Serving
Vermont Patsy French State House ORA-WAS-ADD Serving
Vermont Robin Chestnut-Tangerman State House RUT-BEN Serving
Vermont Sandy Haas State House WDR-RUT Serving
Vermont Steve Berry State House 4 Serving
Vermont Susan Davis State House ORA-1 Serving
Vermont Teo Zagar State House WDR-4-1 Serving
Vermont Thomas Stevens State House WAS-CHI Serving
Vermont Tim Ashe State Senate CHI Serving
Vermont Warren Kitzmiller State House WAS-3 Serving
Washington Luis Moscoso State House 1 Serving
Washington Pramila Jayapal State Senate 37 Serving
Wyoming Charles Pelkey State House 25 Serving

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