Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The People's Non-Compete With America Contract

Dear Senator/Congressman(woman) ________________,

I am writing today to implore you to work with your colleagues and champion legislation that forbids any elected representative in Congress, members of their staff, and any and all staff members in the Administration or in any cabinet position from working for any corporation or in any industry that they wrote or promoted legislation benefiting for a period of not less than 10 years following their time working for the People.

That's one of the reasons our government is broken. 

What’s Wrong With America and How to Fix It in Two Simple Diagrams.

And people like Robert Rubin, then-United States Secretary of the Treasury, who pushed through the reversal of the Glass-Steagall Act that (among other things) legalized the formation of Citigroup, then went on immediately afterwards to become Citigroup's chairman, illustrate the dangers of not disallowing this practice.

Too Big To Jail.

This needs to stop. Consider it The People's Non-Compete With America Contract. You don't get to go to work allegedly representing the People, push through laws that benefit a corporation or industry, then go on directly to work for that corporation or industry and reap personal gain from said law(s).

Protecting us is what we "hired"/elected you to do. Please introduce legislation that will give us confidence knowing you have put our protection ahead of any personal financial gain following your time working on our behalf.

This is one of the major issues the people of Occupy Wall Street are protesting about — We want influence peddling out of government — in both directions.

Please be the voice of the People in the Senate/House.

Thank you,

(Your Name Here)

Readers, please copy this to all of your representatives. Here's how to reach them: 

I'd love to know if you sent your representative a copy of this letter (or one similar in your own words). Please let me know if you did in the comments section below. Thanks!

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~ Anne Frank

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