Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UC Davis Pepper Spraying – A Different Angle

By now we've all probably seen the most widely-distributed video of students at UC Davis being pepper sprayed at close range by police while they were seated on the ground in a circle. It's horrifying to say the least.

After one night of camping on the quad, the Chancellor asked the students to remove tents they had set up there. Many complied. The remaining tents were dismantled and removed by the UC Davis police who had been sent to the scene by the Chancellor.

When all of the tents had been taken down, some of the students decided to wage a peaceful sit-in and formed a circle on the ground, with a group of police officers standing in the center. Chief Spicuzza justified the use of a chemical weapon against the students because her officers allegedly "feared for their safety," because the kids had "cut them off from their support" allowing "no way out."


Watch this alternate video and see for yourself. Notice that at the very beginning of the video one of the officers was joking around with one of the seated students, leaning over him and patting him on the back before stepping away a little further. Then at 2:22, watch what Lt. Pike does:

Now visit The 99% Action Center and start calling your Representatives in Congress to effect some of the change these students were protesting about.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." ~ Anne Frank

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